The Mediterranean Diet

People living within the Mediterranean area had for long been observed to live healthier and longer lives, leading many to develop curiosity into what made them tick. This led to the phenomenon known as the Mediterranean diet which has been a mainstay in many popular lists across the globe. The Mediterranean diet can be found in the top five of many experts lists as it promises many benefits while being easy and inexpensive to adhere to.


The Flexiterian Diet

The flexitarian diet stands for flexible vegetarian and it aims to make a vegetarian diet a bit less restrictive. The diet was designed by dietician Dawn Blatner who wanted to help people realize the benfits of vegetarianism without sticking to a strictly vegetarian diet.


The Ornish Diet

This diet is named after its creator Dr. Dean Ornish who pioneered it in the 1970s. Also called the Ornish Spectrum Diet it is regarded to be more than diet but a holistic lifestyle approach as it emphasizes activities which boost physical and psychological wellbeing such as exercise and stress management on top of dietary changes. It is scientifically proven to help reduce weight and help with heart disease management and is rated highly by most dieticians.