Dieting and Things to Consider

Dieting has become a hot topic in the Western world over the last two decades as a lifestyle devoid of physical activity and choke-full of unhealthy fast foods started taking its toll on health. As lifestyle-associated health conditions and diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer rose and threatened to grow into public health crises across several countries, it is no wonder governments, health institutions, experts and individuals saw the need to act.

This has seen an explosion in the number of studies, publications and advice on diets and lifestyle patterns in general. Today, it is easy to be confused with all the information out there and making the right dietary choice is harder than ever. The right information can mean the difference between achieving transformative goals to ruining health and even endangering life. Some of the important things to consider before choosing a diet include sensibility, cost, sustainability and safety.


When it comes to diets, a good fit should be convenient and reasonable to follow depending on individual objectives. It is important to consider the extent of life changes necessary before committing toa diet.

Questions to ask yourself include; how easy can I get the items for the diet? Will I be going hungry? Will I still be able to work and perform other life’s duties? How long before I see the results? Can I eat out or at friends? These questions can be a guideline that makes or breaks a diet’s doability as no matter the promise a plan offers, it should not be too disruptive.


Commercial diets can be expensive enough to put anyone on a budget out of pocket. Although aggressively marketed as the wonder solution for all problems, it is important to calculate how much a diet is going to cost in total and weigh this against the expected benefits.

Granted, most diets recommending whole grains, lean meats, fish and organic items will cost more, but it is acceptable to avoid the ones which will strain you financially. The good news is there are simply too many options to miss an inexpensive replacement for a costly diet that achieves more or less the same results.


Most people diet to achieve a certain body weight or fitness goal. With this in mind, it is good to gauge whether it is realistic to go the distance, especially for diets with demanding exercise routines as part of the package. It can be demoralizing to be forced in the middle of a routine and starting again might be more difficult. The sustainability of a particular diet can be measured in the first few days.


Nutrition is essential to health and making drastic changes to the food we eat can have adverse effects. There are enough studies available and a simple internet search can be a good starting point to check whether they are any risks involved with a diet being considered. It is also advisable to consult a dietician or medical practitioner before committing to any diet plan

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