While the main goals for most individuals are related to weight loss, fitness and performance, some eating plans are able to prevent, reverse or alleviate the symptoms of some health conditions. These disease-fighting diets have passed the litmus taste of scientific scrutiny to verify the promises they make to individuals. Theses diets are godsend as they are an effective substitute for medications that come with their own complications.

Low-glycemic Index As A Disease-Fighting Diet

This diet is based on the glycaemic index where foods are listed according to their potential to affect blood sugar levels. In a randomized controlled trial carried out in 2008 involving 210 individuals for six months, the diet had better success at managing blood sugar levels than other alternatives including a high-fiber diet.

The findings were published in the American Medical Association journal and since then it has been recommended for individuals with Type 2 diabetes. The low glycemic diet emphasizes taking care of the carbohydrates consumed with common sources being oats, nuts, beans, quinoa and peas.

Vegetarian Diet For Better Health

Reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet can vary from religious, environmental, animal rights or cultural but vegetarians reap a lot of health benefits from subsisting on plant-based food sources. Data form the American Heart Association supports claims that the diet lowers the chances of conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

This is due to vegetarians consuming less saturated fats and cholesterol while taking in a lot of vitamins and minerals. A word of caution advises nuanced meal planning to avid food deficiencies due to a lack of substances from animal-based sources.

Dash As A Disease-Fighting Diet

The dietary approaches to stop hypertension or DASH for short is an eating pattern designed specifically to combat high blood pressure. Endorsement from the American National Heart Lung and Blood Institute is backed by several studies, including one from Duke University that demonstrated significant drops in blood pressure in periods as short as two weeks.

Another study from John Hopkins University also linked the diet to a reduced risk of coronary disease. DASH is a really intuitive plan to follow and its combination of exercise and lifestyle choices and can be tried as a diet for better health.

Gluten-free Diet For Better Health

This diet seeks to avoid gluten a type of protein mostly found in grains like barley, wheat and rye. The gluten-free diet is certified to improve symptoms of celiac disease, a condition where the immune system reacts adversely to gluten in the digestive tract. Claims that gluten-free diet proponents make about autism have been largely dispelled with a Harvard study finding no link between gluten and autism.

Keto As A Food Remedy

The high-fat ketogenic or keto diet is quite restrictive and requires a lot of discipline to follow. It has one noticeable benefit though as clinical trials published in the Lancet established a definite link between reduced seizure occurrence in children suffering from epilepsy and the keto as a food remedy. Identified side effects of the eating plan include dehydration, exhaustion, hunger and constipation.