The Raw Food Diet Plan

The Raw Food diet has been in existence for centuries and a 19th-century doctor by the name Maximilian Bircher-Benner is credited as its pioneer. The diet is based on a number of questionable and debunked theories including that cooking destroys natural enzymes found in food and lowers nutrient content while destroying the food’s “life force” which are at odds with conventional science.


The Monotrophic Diet Plan

The Monotrophic diet is a child of the internet as it has been popularized through platforms like YouTube and popular blogs. The beginnings of The Monotrophic diet plan as a trendsetter can be traced to the mid-2010s when the Banana Girl, Leanne Ratcliffe, supposedly documented a 40-pound drop in weight by binging on around 50 bananas each day. The hashtag #monomeal trended shortly afterward as the results proved inspiring.