The TLC Diet Plan

The Tlc diet is a lifestyle modification system by the American National Health Institute designed to assist in lowering cholesterol levels. TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and as the name suggests, it is a long term behavior modification for better health markers. The TLC diet plan is government supported as a health improvement method and is backed by research. It is considered to be among the best diets for heart health as it promotes lowering bad cholesterol levels while encouraging physical activity.


The Mediterranean Diet Plan

People living within the Mediterranean area had for long been observed to live healthier and longer lives, leading many to develop curiosity into what made them tick. This led to the phenomenon known as the Mediterranean diet which has been a mainstay in many popular lists across the globe. The Mediterranean diet plan can be found in the top five of many experts lists as it promises many benefits while being easy and inexpensive to adhere to.


The Zone Diet Plan

The Zone diet is the creation of biochemist Bob Sears who proposes that focussing on how food affects hormones is an important factor in staying healthy. Food choices can manage hormones to stay at the right level necessary for optimal health, a situation Bob Sears describes as the Zone.