The 5:2 Diet Plan

The 5:2 diet is one of the most popular weight loss methods at the moment and is considered a more flexible and easier alternative to other diets. The 5:2 diet plan combines elements of intermittent fasting and calorie intake control to create a non-restrictive method to manage weight and improve the quality of life.


The Weight Watchers Diet Plan

The Weight Watchers diet is a favorite weight loss and weight management system which has loyal followers across the globe. Jean Nidetch is credited with starting the idea as a support group with some of her friends in the 1960s. From these humble origins, the Weight Watchers diet plan is now an organization helping millions of members to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles


The South Beach Diet Plan

The South Beach diet was pioneered by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston in the early 2000s. Dr. Agatston wanted to achieve a weight-loss method that was safe for heart disease patients and diabetics and has published books outlining his ideas including The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss. The diet categories carbohydrates into the good and bad and is heavy on lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables and fruits.


The Flat Belly diet

The Flat belly diet came about as a collaboration between once Prevention editor Liz Vaccariello and dietician Cynthia Sass which led to the publication of the Flat Belly Diet book in 2008. On top of promising rapid weight loss (a 15-pound drop in 32 days) the Flat Belly diet plan is designed to specifically target belly fat which has been shown to increase the risk for a number of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


The Atkins Diet Plan

The Atkins diet is considered a pioneer low-carb eating plan and it was developed in the 1960s by cardiologist Robert Atkins as a means to control weight and avoid common chronic illnesses. He published the first in a series called Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution in 1972, a best-seller that outlined many of the diet’s ideas.