What is known today as the Nutrisystem diet began as a protein shake diet in the 1970s before morphing into its present format of a meal delivery service. Pioneered by businessman Henry Katz, the Nutrisystem diet plan is highly structured with an emphasis on food with a low-glycemic score.

Members register and choose a plan from the Nutrisystem menu and packaged meals are delivered plus additional recommendations for vegetables and fruits. The plan is divided into major categories that cater to women, men, diabetes patients and vegetarians.

The Process of The Nutrisystem Diet Plan

The Nutrisystem diet plan can be divided into three major plans which are the basic plan, the core plan and the Uniquely Yours plan. Members on the basic plan start with the Turbo 13 which aims to shed 13 pounds within a month and comes with three meals, snacks plus dessert.

The core plan offers a larger Nutrisystem menu to choose from in addition to dieticians and counselors to help you achieve your goals. The Uniquely Yours plan is more customizable and allows more food selection. Special arrangements can be made to cater to diabetics and vegetarians. Exercise is not an essential part of the diet but is advised.


  • It saves time as ready to eat meals are delivered to members.
  • A highly structured diet assisting in weight loss.
  • It has a good support structure to help members achieve goals.
  • It is a convenient and easy to follow diet plan.



  • The plan can prove to be expensive for many people.
  • It can prove to be restrictive and monotonous.
  • The food on the Nutrisystem plan is processed.


Who Should Do It

The Nutrisystem diet is appropriate for individuals looking to rapidly drop the pounds, especially if with hectic schedules making meal planning and preparation a challenge. The preference for low-glycemic index foods is good news for diabetics or those at risk of developing the condition but is considered restrictive to those who enjoy eating out or food from the local deli.


Meal plan Ideas

Day 1

Breakfast: Buttermilk Waffles with Fresh Fruit and Sugar-Free Syrup

Snack: Low Fat String Cheese with Baby Carrots

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Snack: Hard Boiled Egg with Sliced Veggies

Dinner: Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast with Grilled Asparagus

Dessert: Lemon Zest Cake


Day 2

Breakfast: Baked Banana and Chocolate Oatmeal

Snack: Chocolate Shake

Lunch: Spinach and Cheese Pretzel Melt with Spinach Side Salad

Snack: Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

Dinner: Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza with Grilled Veggies

Dessert: Chocolate Brownie Sundae


Day 3

Breakfast: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

Snack: Baby Carrots with Hummus

Lunch: White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Snack: Low Fat Turkey Slices with Cucumber

Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza with Garden Salad

Dessert: Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies