The Supercharged Hormone diet suggests regulating hormones through food choices is possible and can help in weight control and improve overall health indicators. It is based on the book The Hormone Diet by naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner who outlines a six-week process in the publication and is based on habits that can affect the hormonal function and include eating, stress management, sleeping and exercising.

The Supercharged Hormone Diet Plan promises a rapid weight loss of around 12 pounds in the initial phase and better management after. The diet comes in for criticism for making claims which are backed by little to no scientific research even though the routine and eating pattern follows conventional wisdom on achieving better health.

The Process of The Supercharged Hormone Diet Plan

The Supercharged Hormone diet plan can be broken down into three stages. The first phase includes an intense two-week detoxification period which aims to reset the body. In this stage, a number of foods are avoided in the Supercharged Hormone menu including those containing gluten, milk and dairy products, some fats and oils, peanuts, some fruits, sugar and artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol. The main foods to eat during this phase are gluten-free grains and starches, fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, seafood and recommended supplements.

The second phase restricts a lower number of food items as participants also monitor their hormone function. There is a long list of restricted food in the Supercharged Hormone menu but in general foods on the ban list include refined grains, processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners and nitrate-containing foods like chocolate.

In the last phase, participants should be able to understand which foods are best for hormone regulation as exercise in the form of strength training and stretching is introduced. The eating pattern from this phase is considered glyci-Mediterranean as it has many features of the low-glycemic and Mediterranean diets.



  • It can help in rapid weight loss.


  • The initial phase can be grueling and difficult to follow.
  • Its basis is backed by little to no scientific study.


Who Should Do It

The Supercharged Hormone diet is primarily designed for weight loss and control and can be attempted to achieve related goals. Even though some of its bases are problematic it promotes an eating pattern rich in vegetables and fruit, low in fat and processed foods and encourages regular exercise while promoting stress reduction and better sleep. These are all habits that improve overall health indicators.

Meal Plan Ideas

Day 1

BREAKFAST:  Oatmeal, egg whites, fruit and vegetables

LUNCH: Chicken and broccoli with whole wheat pasta

DINNER: Grilled tilapia and sweet potato

SNACK: Yogurt and blueberry smoothie


Day 2

BREAKFAST: Egg white omelet, English muffin and orange juice

LUNCH: Grilled chicken with whole wheat rice and mushrooms.

DINNER: Ground turkey burger and mixed salad

SNACK: Yoghurt and fresh fruit smoothie.


Day 3

BREAKFAST: Cheese grits, grapefruit and skim milk

SNACK: Whole grain tuna half sandwich

LUNCH: Vegetable soup

DINNER: Lean steak with whole wheat rice