The Volumetric diet promises healthy weight loss while allowing participants to eat as much as they want. Created by nutritionist Dr. Barbara Ross, the diet is based on the concept of food density with food high in calories considered high density while those low on calories being low density.

The diet normally has four categories with category one made up of low-density foods which can be eaten as much as possible. The amount allowed reduces as we move up the category, with category four foods considered a rare treat. The fact that you are allowed to eat just about anything while achieving weight loss has made the Volumetric diet plan a firm favorite for many experts.


The Process of The Volumetric Diet Plan

The Volumetrics diet plan encourages eating a lot of category one foods, primarily made up of fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Whole grains, legumes and lean meats make the next category and these should make up a good portion on the Volumetrics menu. White bread, cakes, cheeses and fatty meats are category four foods and should be taken sparingly while candy, fried foods and snacks should be treated as rare treats.

The Volumetrics menu insists on feeling full on category one food as a way to cut down on calorie intake while alcohol is allowed in moderation. The eating plan recommends light exercise such as walking be done daily.



  • Among the easiest eating plans to follow as it is non-restrictive
  • Inexpensive as it relies on easily available food items


  • Relies heavily on cooking and this can be time-intensive


Who Should Do It

The Volumetrics diet is highly recommended as a healthy weight loss plan which allows calorie intake control while meeting nutritional needs. It can be a good choice for anyone looking to better manage their weight in the long term without having totally give up on any favorite meal or snack.


Meal Plan ideas

Day 1

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with grated zucchini, chopped apple, and cinnamon
  • Lunch: Salad topped with veggies, grilled chicken, chickpeas, and a light dressing
  • Dinner: Pasta tossed with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, black olives, and low-sugar marinara sauce


Day 2

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal, apple, non-fat milk, grapefruit and coffee
  • Lunch:
    Grilled Chicken, chopped Romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, chopped walnuts and a light dressing, whole wheat pita bread and sliced strawberries

·         Dinner:
Steak Fajita, grilled green pepper, grilled onion, diced fresh tomato and diced cantaloupe

The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet by Dr. Rolls is a book providing lots of useful information and is the last word on the best practices for the diet.